12 June 2008

Blast from the Past

Originally uploaded by MarciNYC

OMG! Permed hair! The horror!

One of my dear friends found this snapshot which she took from our days at IU - Autumn 1989. I can almost remember those jeans and sweatshirt; give me a bit of time and I will. It's funny looking at myself from way back when - in some ways, I haven't changed except that I'm not nearly as thin -- bu then I didn't think I was particularly skinny back then, either.

Pretty much the same haircut -- except I lack the waves these day. Wonder where those jeans are and how much more weight I have to lose before I could fit in them again.

It took me awhile to figure out who the man in the photo in my hand is -- someone we met out at the Peanut Barrell while we were out celebrating a birthday or two. I probably have that photo in my archives somewhere.


lorem ipsum said...

Believe me, for the '80s, that's a VERY tame perm!

webmavennj said...

I think there's a scary perm photo of me on my "classmates.com" profile. Whoooooo- now that's really scary.

Your do looks decent. I was a product of the lates 60's to the 70's. My "flower child" photos are pretty funny now.