10 May 2008

Surf's Up at the Shore

Surf's Up - Ocean Grove
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Mark and I spent the afternoon in Ocean Grove today. We went for the Ocean Grove Music and Arts Festival, organized by David Cohen (who we know from the Pipe & Drum band).

We parked the car along the beachfront and were amazed to see a very heavy surf. In the 7+ years we've lived here, except when there's a hurricane far out to sea, I don't think I've ever seen waves like we did today. Apparently the surfers knew about it as there were plenty of them taking advantage of the waves.

The music fest was quite wonderful,at least the bits we caught. The talent included: Lili Anel, Jo Wymer, Joy Simone, John Rose, Afferent Cue, The Festive Flute, The Shrewsbury Chorale & David Cohen. We arrived mid-afternoon and caught the tail end of John Rose's set. I liked what I heard quite a bit and am off to check out his myspace page. (As much as I hate myspace, there are a few good things about it.)

Joy Simone canceled, so David Cohen filled in and played classical flamenco guitar, the pipa (pee-pa) - a Chinese instrument, and bagpipes. It's been a long time since I've heard flamenco music (like 1985 when I was in Spain), but I really enjoyed listening to him. It's fabulous music, full of passion. I could have listened to him play the guitar for hours on end.

After David played, we left Bishop Jane's Tabernacle and headed over to Nagle's for a bite to eat. While the food is typical diner grub, I love the atmosphere. For those not in the area, it's a former pharmacy/soda fountain that's been turned into a restaurant/ice cream parlor. The decor is old-time pharmacy - old medicine bottles, adverstisements from the local paper. My favorite ad is in the ladies room - a house on the corner of Olin and Ocean, with land for future expansion, for $8,000. Oceanfront property for $8K? Show me where to sign the papers.

After dinner we strolled through the art/craft fair - lots of interesting things and I found one jewelry maker who had some fabulous work. I wanted one of her cuff bracelets, but I was $15 short. I did grab her myspace info, so I think I'll contact her that way and see if we can make arrangements for me to buy it.

Back at Bishop Jane's Tabernacle, we listened to the last bit of Jo Wymer's set - a fabulous female singer/songwriter. David joined her at the close of her set on bagpipes to play Minstrel Boy. (Since taking pipe lessons, I've seen this music with the other students but I couldn't tell you what the tune was until I heard it.)

The last musician of the afternoon was Lili Anel - great voice and I enjoyed the bit of her set that we listened to before dashing out to get home to the dogs.

All in all, a lovely (although cool) day at the shore. I wish it had been just a bit warmer and that more people would have ventured off Main Ave to discover the wonderful music. However, having enjoyed myself thoroughly today, I can't wait for next year's festival.

More photos of the day can be found in my Flickr album.

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