05 May 2008

Mystery Plant

Mystery Plant
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I planted some summer bulbs a few week ago and a few of them are starting to spring up through the ground. This is one of them -- and I have NO idea what it's supposed to be.

Whatever it is, there's three of them growing in my flower bed next to the driveway. Mark says they look like artichokes. That's one thing they definitely are not. I guess I'll have to wait and see what flowers eventually. I honestly can't remember what I planted where.


Plant Girl said...

I kept forgetting to respond to this! D'oh.

We (as in KT and I) were at the nursery the other day killing some time and looking at peony bushes when I remembered this post and went on a mission to see if I could figure out the mystery plant.

I'm thinking that it could be a lily. It has a similar shape to the ones I saw, but the color was more yellow-green. That could just be the variety though.

So..."what is a lily"...

marci said...

I had a look at it again tonight -- it might well be a lily. I bought a mix of bulbs and some of them were asiatic lillies. I have a few repeat lillies and this looks a lot like them.

I can't remember what other bulbs I planted -- dahlias, and some other stuff. I can't believe I don't recall what I planted. Ha!

I want peonies, but perhaps next year I'll put them in along the side of the house.