24 May 2008


Big Dig - Finished
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I left for Brigantine yesterday morning (7:30 AM) with the job nearly completed -- only a few pavers left to lay and then sanding. When Mom and I returned (~1:30 PM) it was finished.

I'm quite thrilled with it - the pavers we choose really complement the house. (So glad we didn't go with the brick red border after all.) The only thing left for us to do is attack the landscaping to the right side - where we had several shrubs and the basketball hoop ripped out. I'd love to put up a low fence along the property line and make it a wild garden area of sorts, but not sure i can convince Mark of that. Stay tuned.

More pics, including a close up of the new stoop, are in my my Flickr album.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

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