30 May 2008


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It's three days now since Mom left, but like Tara in the photo above, I'm exhausted.

It was a wonderful holiday weekend -full of friends, neighbors, and family. We had an impromptu cookout on Saturday evening with the neighbors, friends came down on Sunday (we cooked out and went to the track) and on Monday my cousin and his wife came over from Philly. I ran Mom back to the airport on Tuesday afternoon and by the time I got home I was wiped. I crawled into bed about 9 PM and when the alarm went off at 5 AM the following morning, it was tough getting out of bed and going to work.

The highlight of the weekend for me was going to Weight Watchers and discovering I lost an additional 2.4 lbs. I'm *this close* to reaching my 10% goal, which I'm hoping I will do this week. Although I don't really care for cookout foods, I did munch quite a bit on chips and dip over the weekend. Hopefully I didn't overdo it too much and the fact that I've ate better later in the week will balance things out. Of course, weather permitting, I'll go for a long walk on the Ocean Grove-Asbury Park boardwalks on Saturday.

In regards to Henry -- he seems to be his old self again. Mom thought he looked to be on his last legs when she arrived on Friday, but by Tuesday morning he was much more energetic and raring to go. She spent a lot of time with him while she was here -- taking charge and acting as his primary walker for the weekend. We've started him on a new antibiotic regimen today so we'll see if he continues to improve or at least maintain his liveliness. I'm not so worried about losing him this week as I was last week. That's a huge weight off my shoulders.

There's been some changes at work this week - so I'm going in today and could possibly be adding and extra day to my work schedule temporarily. I got the first paycheck with the new salary - while I expected it to be less, the reality hit me like a bucket of cold water. Due to the holiday, I was short a day's pay (since took a day off), so perhaps the future paycheck's won't be as shocking. Still, I relish working a reduced schedule and look forward to having time to pursue my artistic endeavors -- and go to the beach this summer.

Speaking of artistic endeavors -- had another two sales in my etsy shop this week. (Thanks Mandy!) What a great surprise to come home to. When I have a sale I get so excited that someone likes my work enough to pay for it. That is what inspires me to keep on creating. I've got ideas in my head and just need to find time to sit down and make them happen.


Plant Girl said...

I'm so glad that Henry is doing better! I've been wondering how he's faring.

Your etsy stuff is beautiful, I look forward to seeing new creations!

Nic said...

Glad to hear Henry is doing better. Animals are consistely surprising in their ability to recover!

Talking of your etsy shop - I have some jewelry display stuff that I no longer use - could you use it? I'll send you a snap first if you like