13 May 2008

The Big Dig

Construction - Day 1
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We've decided to have our asphalt driveway torn up and replaced with pavers. Originally the work was supposed to have begun yesterday, but due to the rain, it was postponed.

I left work this morning around 7 AM to a double-wide asphalt driveway - this is what I came home to at 4 PM. There's one last bit of concrete by the front door that needs to be removed still, but I was glad it was there today. Made getting in/out the front door that much easier.

Stay tuned for the finished product -- depending on the weather, it could be up to two weeks until it's done. Cross your fingers for dry, sunny weather for us.

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kecia said...

oh, that looks like a lot of fun! epsecically with the weather we've been having! yuck and muck!
thanks for the scrimshaw info. it's cool stuff i got from the guy. what i' ll do with i have no clue!