12 April 2008

Spring is Here!

Weeping Cherry
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It's been a glorious week here in Jersey. On Thursday, when i was driving home, the time/temp sign I passed said it was 79F. Simply gorgeous - I had my windows down, the breeze messing my hair...

When I got home, I hooked the dogs on their leashes and away we went - around the block. Twice. The the four of us played a bit in the back yard. After a week of them all feeling a bit under the weather, they all seemed to have recovered and were eager to play - as much as geriatric dogs can play.

I commented earlier that our Weeping Cherry and Bradford Pear were in bloom. It's been fun to look out the window and see a bunch of white blooms on the tree. I had to go out and snap a few close up shots.

My lillies are starting to poke their way through the dirt, so I should be seeing them soon. The hosta we planted last year (and thought died) are making a renaissance as well. Hooray!

Mark cut back a few plants last year - pretty drastically. The butterfly bush in the back appears to have some new grwoth on it, but I'm a bit worried about the Japanese hydrangea that is in front.

I got some bulbs at Costco last weekend -- summer/fall bloomers, so I need to get them in the ground ASAP. The sun is shining now, but t-storms are predicted for later in the day. Perhaps I should dig out my gardening tools and go plant them now, before the rain. Or I could just wait until tomorrow. It's supposed to be sunny, but cool.

I've not been able to find snapdragons the past few years. I used to get them at Frank's but since they went out of business, I've not had any luck finding them. I tried to grow them from seed last year - that was a bust. So I'm hoping that I'll be able to find them this year -- they're one of my favorite flowers and the year I had them in our beds, they looked simply wonderful.

I'm still sort debating whether or not to go back to Costco and get some more bulbs -- there were a few flowers that I think I'd like, but passed on last week. Come fall - I will be planting more bulbs -- I can't believe I haven't yet because the spring flowers (crocus, daffodil, tulips) are my favorites. Still debating weather I want to bother with peonies - another favorite, but one which I didn't have too much luck with previously.

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The Cartoonist's Wife said...

When I went to Holland two years ago I brought back tulip bulbs for my parents. Unfortunately, squirrels dug up all but three of them (out of about twenty). So... good luck but keep an eye peeled for little rodent spies!