19 April 2008

Asbury Park - 19th of April

Asbury Park - April 2008
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Mark and I had breakfast in Ocean Grove this morning and strolled along the boardwalk afterwards. I was super energetic, so suggested we continue along into Asbury Park.

We walked the entire length of both boardwalks, I was snapping pictures along the way as Mark did his Springsteen impression. Both there and back. Whew.

Outside the Paramount Theatre, there's a plaque commemorating the Sound of Asbury Park. Today it was a memorial to Danny Federici who passed away earlier this week.

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The Cartoonist's Wife said...

You know, when I saw Bruce & the E Street Band last month I knew Danny'd been sick for a long time but he'd played in Indianapolis earlier in the week. I guess it's always a bit shocking when the news comes if you aren't cognizant of how bad it is all along.

I'm sad - and hearing organ music.