26 April 2008

Another Sign of Spring

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I've been a fan of dogwood trees for as long as I can remember. My grandmother always wanted one and planted her fair share of them in central Michigan, but they never survived.

When we moved to New Jersey, I knew I wanted to plant some trees - dogwood being the first on the list. So our first trip to the nursery resulted in a dogwood and a Bradford Pear. The Bradford Pear has taken off quite well and has grown tremendously since we planted it. My dogwood hasn't fared so well. Each spring I'm delighted when it finally blooms.

We're still debating whether to plant more trees. Our house gets the afternoon sun and in the summer that makes our bedrooms rather warm. I'd like to put a maple tree in the front yard - eventually it'll give us some shade. RIght now there's just a couple of tall cedars - pretty, but not the shade trees I love.

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Plant more trees! Plant more trees!

I'm a tree lover. Sue me.

I wanted a Bradford Pear, too, but one of our tree guys talked me out of it. He said they are prone to split trunks that will eventually tank out during a storm. In that spot, I've got an evergreen of some sort that's quite lovely and a Japanese maple. I haven't regretted it. But how can you, when you get two trees instead of one?