05 March 2008

Stormy Wednesday

Stormy Wednesday
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I was rudely awakened this morning. At 5:30 AM, Mark flips on the lights and demands, "Do you have any idea what's going on?" Uh, no. I was just listening to the radio waiting for the news. I ask him to elaborate and he just huffs, "Nothing."

Now, I did wake about 3:30 AM to heavy rains and winds, but it wasn't a window shaking wind, so I didn't think much of it and rolled over and went back to bed.

I get up and I get it out of him that he can't get out to Rt 9 (the main road) because trees are lying across the road, have hit houses, etc. We've got some wooded areas on both sides of our subdivision, so it's understandable. I decide to take the dogs out and investigate for myself -- as well as search for one of our garbage cans which I left outside last night. (Found it - three houses down, pinned beneath the back end of a car.)

This photo is a house just outside our subdivision -- or towards Rt 9. Going the other way, there's a cop car with lights on the other side of some downed trees. In essence, we're trapped in the section where even taking the scenic route through the subdivision, we can't get access to Rt. 9. Lovely.

I phoned my boss to explain to him that I might not be in - last thing I want to do as I've got a ton on my plate and a couple meetings this morning. *sigh* Mark's attempting to give it a go and get to Belmar to catch a train now... If he gets through then I know I'll be able to get out to the main roads as well.

Off to shower and prepare for work...

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Plant Girl said...

Goodluck getting to the highway. Stupid weather throws a kink in work at some of the worst times, doesn't it?