16 March 2008

Selection Sunday

Less than an hour until the NCAA Tournament pairings are revealed. I'm certain IU and Xavier will make it in - but as for what seed and where they'll be playing, I have no idea.

One breakdown analysis I saw showed IU as a 5 seed and X as a 3 seed. Really? A three? *sigh* Gone are the days when X was just another mid-major school having a great run in the tourney. I figure Carolina will come out as the overall #1 seed. I was cheering on Va Tech last night (so close!) and Clemson gave them a good run today as well.


I joined Weight Watchers this morning - along with my husband. While he's got only a paltry 20 lbs or so to lose to meet his goal, I've got much more than that. I'm a flex plan sort of gal, counting and tracking, whereas he can't be bothered with that, so he's going to try the core plan. Should be fun trying to balance a meal to meet both our needs in the evenings. I'm not sure where corned beef and cabbage fit into this tomorrow, but at least a bottle of Guinness is only 2 points.

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