14 March 2008


Early this week, I met with my boss with the intention of resigning to pursue some artistic endeavors. He asked me if I would contemplate staying on in a part-time capacity instead of leaving outright. As I had planned to look for another part-time position, this offer was a pleasant surprise.

I had a second meeting with our department head to discuss the possibility of part-time employment and what my duties would be. She was quite receptive to it, but needs to run it by her boss and the HR department before committing. I've had to submit a brief summary of what I envison my role/duties would be and she's going to take it from there and see if a 20 hour work week would be feasible (or 40 hours over the two week pay period). It'll be a few weeks until I know what the decision is, so please keep your fingers crossed for me.

With my FIL passing away, we've come into a bit of money that's allowed us to pay down our debt. I can afford to take a pay cut and decided this was my opportunity to pursue some artsy-fartsy courses; particularly metalsmithing and ceramics. Both have been interests of mine for some years, but I haven't been able to pursue it - until now.

So, either I'll be unemployed by mid-May or working a reduced schedule. Either way, it's just in time for summer vacations and visitors. I'm really excited about the opportunities coming my way and hope that they'll lead to bigger and better things.


Valerie said...

Congrats on the big change. I'll be crossing my fingers for you about your part time position. :)

robayre said...

What a great opportunity, it's a dream of mine to be able to schedule back to part time as well. Enjoy your extra time!

Plant Girl said...

Awesome news! I'll keep my fingers crossed that they allow you to drop to part time.