11 February 2008

We Interrupt this Cat Nap...

The Three Amigos - Feb 2008
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Snapped this shot of my three kitties and thought I'd post it.

Besides Henry and Suki (collectively known as The Dogs), there are three cats who share the house with me. Or do I share the house with them? I'm never sure who's the boss - they think they are, but since I maintain the food/water dish levels, then I like to think I have *some* power over them.

It's not very often you find the three of them in such close proximity. Usually Lily is far away from the other two -- in this shot she's atop my pillow which I suppose is far enough away. Stan's the bully of the group, but Lily has her moments. Poor Sadie - she's always the one getting picked on by the other two.

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