01 February 2008

Super Tuesday - is it over yet?

I'm ready for it to be over and done with. The commercials have started in earnest here as of a couple days ago. Wondering if others in Super Tuesday states are being bombarded as well.

I got a phone call from a certain candidate's office last night after dinner asking if I was voting and if I was voting for that candidate. When I said the name of another, my husband flipped out. He's gone over to the dark side as I call it. I'm really surprised by that as his whole life he's been committed to a particular political party and wouldn't dream of crossing over.

He said he was angry at me for not standing with him. I told him that it was none of his business who I voted for. He had the right to his opinions/beliefs and I had the right to mine and nothing in our wedding vows said they had to be 100% in agreement. *big sigh* (This is the first time we've disagreed on candidates/issues since we've been married.)

The next few days should be interesting...


The Cartoonist's Wife said...

Um, I've been committed to a particular party my whole life too and wouldn't cross over. But it's the right one!

Nic said...

Whilst never knowingly entered a relationship with a Tory (family excepted) just who our little crosses go to is a matter of personal conscience in our house. I've voted for candidates from three different political parties in the past (in local elections, sometimes all at the same time!)

John wouldn't expect me to feel the same as him and knows better than to even try to influence me! LOL