18 February 2008

Suki Smiles

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Suki's spending the afternoon at the V-E-T today.

Since we adopted her in April, she's had ear problems requiring a visit to the V-E-T at least every 2-3 months for a cleaning. The first cleaning was fine, she actually flirted with Dr Bonanno when he was cleaning her ears. However, when I tried to administer the ointment at home, she turned into devil dog. I didn't even have to be near her, she just saw the tube of ointment and in a flash she turned into Satan's spawn. I stupidly continued my quest to squirt that ointment into her ears and was rewarded with a nice slice on my pointer finger.

Second visit to the vet was less pleasant -- she knew what was going to happen and decided no more flirting. This time she was going to let Dr Bonanno know what she thought of this cleaning stuff. She nipped him, so we resorted to muzzling her. Knowing that I would have a hard time administering the follow up treatment, I took her to the Hungry Puppy and attempted to purchase a muzzle for use at home. Oh no - none of that for Suki girl. While we attempted to get a muzzle on her, she turned into devil dog again. Amazing - 20 pounds and she's more dangerous than Henry - 40 lbs and a full set of teeth. (Suki has only 3 teeth for those who don't know.)

Cleaning #3 was last month and she was muzzled for it. Dr Delmonico saw her that time and suggested at the next cleaning that we sedate her so they could really get in to have a look at what was in the ear canal as the muzzle didn't allow total access.

So that's where she is today. The V-E-T is going to flush her ears and see if he can determine what is causing these chronic infections. I thought it was mites at first, but it's not. Maybe today we'll have an answer -- and possibly the beginning of the end. While they had her sedated I asked them to clip her nails and clip out a few mats she had behind her ear and by her tail. Even though it's a relief for her, she won't let me do it.

Once this is over, I'll make an appointment for her to go to the groomer again -- it's been a while, but the last time she went, she worked herself into such a frenzy the groomer was afraid she would have a heart attack. I can bathe her with no problems, but to trim her is impossible. (Any wonder I tip the gal who can handle her very well?)

It's 4:30 now... Wondering if I should give a call to the V-E-T to check up on her.

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