08 February 2008

Read This

Earlier this week, I finished reading Daoud Hari's memoir, The Translator. This was the review copy I picked up as part of Library Thing's Early Reviewer's program as mentioned in a previous post last month.

One wouldn't think that a book centering around the genocide in Darfur could be enjoyable - yet this book is. Hari tells his story like he's sitting in the same room with you, having a casual conversation. The situations he finds himself (and his companions - reporters, NGO workers) made me sad, angry, and scared at various points throughout the book. He shares his sorrows, the horrors and even some humorous moments.

It's a quick read and an eye-opening look at one man's personal experience of life in Darfur. Although Darfur is in the news, I think too many of us turn a blind eye. Read this book, let Hari tell you his story, and tell me you aren't moved to speak out against the genocide.

Per the blurb about the author in the back of the book, Hari now resides in Asbury Park. I do hope that there's a local stop on the upcoming book tour. I'm quite interested in going to hear him speak.

I did offer this up as an international bookray on BookCrossing. If you'd like to join, just send me a message via BXing and I'll be glad to add you to the list.

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