18 February 2008

Memory Monday #1

Compliments of Kecia, this is my first Memory Monday post - her given topic was a memorable hairstyle from childhood.

There's two styles that I distinctly remember. No, three, now that I think about it. I don't have photos available at the moment (will have to see what my mom can dig up and bring on her visit next month).

First style - the Carol Brady. You remember the shag cut with the long, flippy ends? (If not, here's a reminder.) Kindergarten and first grade were definitely this hair cut -- maybe second grade, too, but I can't be certain.

Fast forward to 1976. I'm in fourth grade. The (American) bicentennial, Olympics, Dorothy Hamill. Yes, Dorothy Hamill. Along with a bajillion other girls (and women) in America, I had the (in)famous Dorothy Hamill wedge cut. I had that for several years until the last memorable haircut...

The Afro. Okay, maybe not an afro in the truest sense of the word, but in seventh grade, my mom decided I was either going to have my lion thick locks 'thinned' (which scared the shit out of me) or permed. The latter happened and my seventh grade school photo is me hidden under a white-girl afro. Although it was easy to care for, it didn't last long as 8th/9th grade pictures show.

Until I was 21 or so, I had a bunch of unmemorable and high maintenance haircuts. I permed, I bleached, I colored -- until one day I walked into a salon with my blonde, shoulder length, permed hair and told them to chop it off. I walked out of the salon that day with a sleek, chin length bob cut -- a style I've worn some variation of for the past 20 years.

Last time I walked into the salon I went for a variation of the pob -- as popularized by Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham. It's served my stick straight, doesn't want to hold a curl, thick tresses quite well.


kecia said...

thanks awesome marci! thanks for playing. i was having some good chuckles. i want to see pictures of the carol brady and 'fro! my mom acutally permed my hair was i was really little - as soon as i find the pic, i am so posting it - it's HORRENDOUS! I too had the Dorothy Hamill, but mine looked like a bowl since my hair wants to fall foward into my face.

Debra Johnson said...

Love it!! Well, you and I were living similar lives...the Dorothy Hamill and the Fro...did both of those!! I haven't touched my 10 year old daughter's hair with a perm...and I won't EVER cut it into a WEDGE ( hair should not be in something called a 'wedge')...so I wonder what terrible thing she'll say when she's older about her hair??

Loved the post...I look forward to reading more!! Debra

Valerie said...

So funny! It brought back many many hair styles for me.