12 February 2008

The Cupboard Under the Stairs

Many of my friends have been hit by the decluttering bug; me, too - to a lesser degree. Since we went to Florida to clean out Mark's dad's place, I have been thinking about how much crap I have in this house.

When we moved out of our studio apartment in Brooklyn, I was amazed at how much stuff I had tucked away. Trust me, in that place, every possible nook and cranny was used as storage space. The books and cross-stitch stuff didn't seem to take up much room, but it was everywhere. I don't want to think what's in this place -- considering it's significantly larger than the place in Brooklyn.

We've been in this house for just over six years now and my Harry Potter cupboard (under the stairs - get it?) hasn't been cleaned out since we moved in. It's full of foodstuffs as well as the Hoover and assorted small appliances (Crock Pot, the George, bread maker, etc.) Last night, in a burst of energy, I decided to tidy it up.

Three (39 gallon) Hefty bags later, my HP cupboard was a pale imitation of its former self.

Away went the breadmaker - which hasn't been used in years because it was broken - and the boxes of out-of-date bread mixes.

Buh-bye to the cake mixes and open boxes of rice which had been sitting in that space since who-knows-when. (The expiration dates on some of these things were quite scary - 2004? 2003!)

Farewell to jars and cans of stuff that had me scratching my head as to why I ever bought them in the first place. (Orange marmalade? I've never liked the stuff.)

I then reorganized what was left over: soups/stews, etc all on one shelf; rice/pasta in the same area; dog food on the side where it's easily reachable when one needs to give the pups a can. The floor of the the HP cupboard is visible again - no more boxes and bags stacked atop one another. I can actually move around in there without tripping over anything.

Next stop: the laundry room.

We've got shelves over our washer/dryer that have stuff piled on them which haven't been touched since it was put there. I'm afaid to see what's all the way on the top next to the set of flannel sheets which I haven't opened yet. I'm sure there's some stuff that can be tossed and other stuff that can be better organized.

In hindsight, I probably should have taken some before/after pics.

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Mandy said...

The decluttering bug hit here this weekend too. I cleaned out all 3 rooms downstairs (office, nursery and guest/craft room) and then tackled my closet. I ended up with 4 garbage bags of stuff just out of my closet!

It certainly does feel good to have it neat and tidy, doesn't it?