02 February 2008

Alternative Metals

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Today, when I saw the price of sterling silver was over $17/ounce, I opted to pull out some wire and try my hand at making my own earwires.

My first attempts were with the less costly copper wire which I had laying around - better to 'test' on copper than sterling. While I made some traditional 'round' earwires, I also made a set like this and hammered them. Pulled out some lucite beads and voila! (Or as one friends says, viola!) Earrings!

I actually am quite fond of these earrings and am debating whether to keep them or list them on etsy. Mark thinks they're "too big" but then he doesn't wear earrings, so his opinion shouldn't matter.

I'm gonna play around with the copper a little more tonight and tomorrow before I venture into using sterling silver. I've got a couple more ideas. My creative mojo isn't back in full force yet, but I think it's getting there.


Oh - I'm back to using the 'old' camera for the time being. The new Canon A570 IS needs to go in for service. I'm hoping to send that out on Monday. I can't switch it from "AUTO" and back without the AUTO setting becoming the movie mode. Very annoying. It started on the cruise and while I thought it had resolved itself, it proved me wrong. Ugh. So all the learning I was doing with it will have to be put on hold for the time being.

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