26 January 2008

A Wee Tail

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Yesterday, I took both dogs to the V-E-T.

Suki's ears were bothering her again and needed to be cleaned. For some reason, I was under the impression it was an ear mite infestation, but it's not. Dr D was able to muzzle her and clean them out (again!) but recommended that we sedate her so that they can get in there and have a good look at what's causing the problem. I've been reading a bit online about ear infections and have a few questions to ask the vet when they call today.

I also took in Henry who's been having a 'wee problem' at night. In the past month we've tossed two dog beds and are on the verge of tossing a third if Nature's Miracle doesn't work wonders. (I'm loathe to toss out his $80 memory foam bed because it was wonderful for his achy joints, but if it reeks of dog pee, then out it goes.) Since I was taking in Suki, I called to see if I could bring him along.

He's got some neurological damage in his hind quarters -- he doesn't have the normal reflexes when the v-e-t turns his paw upside down. Most dogs will flip it over instantaneously, but not Henry. He's got a v e r y s l o w reaction time. Of course, this is something we've known about since we adopted him and it's not going to improve.

As for the incontinence, it's only at night while he sleeps. The v-e-t did take some blood to rule out any other issues (diabetes, etc.) and I should have those results today. If the bloodwork comes back clean, we're going to try him on a low dose anti-inflammatory, quick walk to empty his (seemingly bottomless) bladder before bedtime, and restricting his water intake after dinner to see if this helps or not.

He is an older dog (11 years is the estimation) and he's living the life of Riley at our house. But, I have seen him 'slow down' in the past few months. He's not about to kick the bucket, but he's aging. Yet for all his 'bad' days, he'll still have those moments where he acts like a puppy. Even yesterday on our walk he saw a rabbit and wanted to give chase. I had a hard time reining in this 38 lb dog -- when he wants to go, he develops Superman-strength.

This weekend I'm off to Joann's to look for some fleece and rubber sheeting. Our v-e-t recommended that I get some fleece for a bed for him - than it's easy to wash when he does have an accident. Another friend recommended the rubber sheeting for a layer of protection.I'm wondering if I can get the rubber sheet and make a "pillow case" to protect his bed. If I can rescue the memory foam mattress, encase it in rubber sheeting and then stack the fleece on top of it, that would be great. I might be pulling out my sewing machine and getting my craft on later this weekend.

Yes, I'll do anything for my dog.

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Valerie said...

Henry has such a sweet face. :) And YES, you can make a pillow case. I've never seen a real "rubber" sheet, but you could use a cheapo shower curtain (vinyl).

Good luck. Post pics if you make the new bed for him, I'd love to see.