04 January 2008

Studio Space

Studio/Craft Room
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Some of my friends were sharing their studio/workspaces with one another, so I figured I'd share mine.

My third (spare) bedroom has been co-opted into a studio/craft room for me. I love the sunny yellow of the walls - even on a gloomy day, this is a pretty cheery room.

The initial photo is my work table, where I spend many hours playing with beads and the like, and my oh-so-wonderful OTT lamp which I got for a steal at Joann.com. (Each year all OTT lamps are on sale 50% off for a month - I think it might be February. Couple that with a free shipping code and wham! I've accumlated about 4 of them throughout the house and absolutely LOVE them.)

There are more photos of the entire room in my Flickr album if you want to see the entire space. Currently it's in a bit of flux -- the white cubes you'll see are the permanent storage space. The bookcases and such will go - as soon as I (a) read all the books in them and (b) systematically rearrange the contents in the white cubes. I'm working on it - slowly.

Eventually we'll move the desktop into this room and the litter box will go back downstairs once Henry realises the cats are not squeaky toys - whenever that will be. (Funny - downstairs he could care less about them, but when he get upstairs in their domain, they are a lot more interesting.)

Anyone else want to share their workspace? I'd love to see pictures.

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Mandy said...

No workspace here to show, unfortunately. Right now I'm working on a hand-me-down desk in our guest room. My wonderful craft table was busted by the movers almost 2 yrs ago and we haven't replaced it yet. I'd love to have more space and hopefully by the end of this year will have something back up and running. Although I'll still have to share space with the guest room. Ah to own a home large enough with a room dedicated entirely to crafts...maybe someday...

I love the yellow on the walls! My craft room in Provo had almost the exact same color. It does help to brighten up the room and doesn't distort the colors you are working with.