28 January 2008

Not Feelin' The (Craft) Love

I came home from my cruise all excited about getting back and playing with the beads, but I feel like I've slammed into a brick wall. I'm feeling ZERO creativity these days. I roll a few beads around in my hands, sort through the piles of lampwork and lucite (not to mention the polymer clay beads) and I'm just so uninspired.

I'm fighting with the new camera as well. Trying to figure out how to get good/better pics of my jewelry from it, but it's tough. In addition, it started acting up on the cruise, so I need to follow up with Canon and send it in for service. *sigh*

The day job has been stressing me out a bit - probably not conducive to coming home and letting the creative juices flow. I'm just trying to get through this week and then hopefully I can unwind a bit and get my craft on. I'm desperate to do something crafty that I'm even eying some of my abandoned cross-stitch projects.


On the bright side, Mark expressed interest in a vacation to Belize. (Yea, this gal's digging that.) So now the research starts. It ain't cheap to fly there (comparable to Europe), but it's so different than anywhere in Europe. I'm wanting to check out all-inclusive vacation packages. Like the idea of a combo jungle-beach trip. One thing I definitely want to do while we're there is cave tubing.


P.S. Henry's blood work came back - nothing to worry about. In hindsight, it probably wasn't necessary for the blood work, but at his age, I don't mind having it done annually to make sure everything's a-ok. Now we're gonna try the anti-inflammatory to see if it helps his mobility any over the next week or so.

Another dry night for those wondering... This late night potty run thing seems to be working. Not sure how long I can keep it up though.

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Patty said...

Marci I know how you feel! I go through slumps like that as well. I found that switching to another craft for a while helped. For me it was knitting a pair of socks, and slowly the beads began to call my name back.

I also have a cannon that is acting up, hmmm!!!

And put up some dress pics from the wedding! I bet reliving the happy day will put you in a more "creative" mood.