09 January 2008

Artist's Model - A New Breed

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One of my online bead buddies, Valerie, makes these fabulous polymer clay animal pendants. You can see the pendants she currently has for sale in addition to her awesome beads in her etsy shop. I've been in love with her work for close to a year now; ever since I discovered her by accident.

Yesterday I emailed her and asked if she would contemplate doing custom work for me - a pendant with Suki and her lolling tongue. She agreed and the emails went flying to hash out the details. This is one of the photos she is using to capture Suki's personality. There were actually two photos for her consideration. I told her to take them both and choose the one that works better.

While I'm excited to see what she comes up with, I told her I'm in no rush. I think it'll be fun to have a pendant of la petite cujo to wear. Of course, I might have to ask her to make one of Henry and the cats as well. Wouldn't want them to be jealous.

I'll be sure to post a pic of the final piece once I have it in my hands.


I was talking to a friend after dinner tonight and she commented when she saw this pic of Suki, she was reminded of Michael Jordan. Guess the pup has a new nickname - Air Suki. (Alas, her vertical leap isn't anywhere near MJs. If it was, I'd be taking her to Knicks' camp.)

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