27 October 2007

Bluegrass On the Shore

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Last night we went to see Bruce Hornsby and Ricky Skaggs (with Kentucky Thunder) at the Count Basie. Despite the cold and rainy weather, it was a wonderful night!

I'm a huge fan of this Bruce (not to be confused with the local Bruce) and seeing him with Skaggs was an extra special treat. Lots of great bluegrass tunes, compliments of Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, along with many of Hornsby's hits reworked with a bluegrass flair. I totally enjoyed the new arrangement of "The Way it Is" but "Mandolin Rain" left me a bit lukewarm. The beginning of that arrangement was 'meh' but towards the end I was liking it a bit better.

One of the highlights of the night was a bluegrass arrangement of 'Superfreak'. Yes, the Rick James song. I was giggling when I realised what the song was and watching the crowd and the band.

My pics, the few that they are, were taken during the encore. For whatever reason, the crowd thinned out dramatically when they left the stage. So we ran up front, then I snapped a few pics - with Bruce on accordian. Can't remember the tune they closed the show with - some bluegrass tune with "hey! ho!" audience participation.

A great night - a wonderful combination of musicians and their music. My only regret is that it was too short. Only one set plus an encore for about 2 hours of music.

17 October 2007

Birthday Bliss

Thanks to my wonderful friend, E, for the gift certificate to a local spa. I've decided after the past couple weeks (burning the candle at both ends), I'm treating myself to a massage on Saturday.

The massage I've chosen is what the salon calls the "Royal Thai Massage" and is described as such:

Traditionally preformed by Monks in Thailand, the first technique uses direct finger pressure on specific points along the body’s energy channels. The second part of this therapeutic treatment is done in a traditional way using a hot poultice imported from Thailand. The poultice is muslin ball filled with a blend of Thai herbs that is heated and used on the body to alleviate muscle pain and inflammation and bring heat to the muscles to induce relaxation. Lastly, we use a special blend of oil from Thailand to finish things off. This massage has a detoxing, soothing and simultaneously invigorating effect on the body and mind.

It's 75 minutes long and I added the optional 15 minute sinus treatment enhancement at the end. I'm so congested right now, I'm hoping that will bring me a little relief, if only temporary. I suppose the respite from crankiness will be a temporary thing too. :P

I'm looking forward to it -- and hoping there's nothing else on the agenda for the weekend. I have a bad habit of remembering too late that I committed to do something else.

12 October 2007

Forty and Fabulous

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Yes, today's the day I am officially 'over the hill' according to my husband. Ha ha!

The flowers (and balloon) pictured were from my Mom - they were delivered to me at the office today. Person after person came by and exclaimed "It's Your Birthday!" To which my response was, "It is?" (Yea, I'm a bit sarcastic.) The flowers are absolutely gorgeous - pink, pink and more pink. Good think I *really* like pink.

As for the birthday contest - thank you all for the wonderful suggestions for a mother-daughter getaway.

After much thought, I've chosen Savannah, Georgia as my destination. I thought we'd both fly into Atlanta and meet, rent a car and stop in Macon along the way to Savannah and then visit my sorority's new headquarters in the Atlanta suburbs before we part ways to go home.

I loved everyone else's suggestions and there's a few destinations I'd like to explore with my husband -- once we can afford a getaway again.

Of course, y'all are probably wondering who the lucky winner is...

In true Marci fashion, I couldn't pick just one when two names were pawed out of the hat. So, the lucky ladies who will be getting a pair of earrings from me are Kecia and Francine. Please send me an email with your mailing address and a color preference and I'll create sometihng for both of you! (if you don't have my email address, let me know -- but I think that both of you do.)

Anyhow, my husband should be walking in the door soon. i thikn we're going to head down to the shore for dinner and then possibly a movie. I'm dying to see the new Cate Blanchett movie (Elizabeth: The Golden Age) which opens today, but he's already grumbling about it being one of those historical movies where 'everyone is beautiful', etc. I guess I'll be seeing it myself later this weekend or next week.

Have a great weekend everyone -- and for those of you who have called, emailed, or sent cards via snail mail. THANK YOU! Turning 40 is nowhere near as bad as certain people led me to believe. It's only a number - and 'old' is all in your mind!

11 October 2007

One Day More...

After tonight, I'll no longer be able to (honestly) call myself 'thirtysomething'.

While I don't have an issue with turning 40, I really don't like being a fortysomething person just yet. I need to ease into it slowly, I figure.

I've had some packages/envelopes arrive already and I'm waiting for the big day to open them and make the milestone celebration last as long as possible.

And don't forget -- tomorrow I'll pick a winner from those who posted suggestions on where to go for a 'girls weekend getaway' with my mom.

10 October 2007

Congratulations, Henry!

I'm delighted to announce that after eight weeks of obedience training, our 11 year old adopted mutt, Henry, has graduated!

Over the course of the training, I was frustrated at his reluctance to go down and that is where he failed me during the final exam. Everything else he did well - especially his heel. There were a few minor issues here and there, such as having to correct him, but I think that the training has paid off. With a little more work, maybe we'll master that down after all.

His training instructor gave him and all the other graduates a pig's ear as a treat last night. He went rather ga-ga over it, so I think he might end up with a small stash in the house soon enough.

Good dog, Henry. You've proved that it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks.

P.S. The photo is from Christmas 2006 - unlike Macy's we do not have our Christmas tree up yet.

05 October 2007

New Look

If you've been to my etsy shop this evening, you'll notice a new banner and avatar. I decided I needed a new look, so I played around a bit. Nothing fancy, but a little cleaner than the old version... I liked the 'Circle M' and have decided to use it on all my business stuff - business cards, thank you notes, earring cards, etc.


The spider sense earrings I posted last night sold in less than 24 hours. I'm so grateful for the people supporting me.

I need to just get busy with taking photos and getting the other stuff in my shop. When will I find the time this weekend?


On Sunday, the EtsyNJ Street Team is having a get-together in Westfield. I'm looking forward to meeting some of the other Jersey Etsians face-to-face. Already there's a handful that I feel like I know already through our Yahoo groups and our promo threads in the Etsy forums.

04 October 2007

Scary Stuff

Just a couple of new things which I've listed on etsy; just in time for Halloween.

Spider Sense earrings
polymer clay beads by Valerie Moore

That's it for now -- but I've pulled out the lucite again and should be busy 'playing' with it over the next few days. Lots of great autumn colours - think rusts, greens, golds, and reds.

03 October 2007

Etsy Rocks!

I'm thrilled - in the past two days, I've had two sales on etsy.

Of course, they were both two of my favourite pieces, so while I'm sad to see them go, I hope the new owners will love them as much as I do.

To celebrate my good fortune, for today only (that's 3rd Oct 2007), I'll give 10% off any purchase made in my etsy store. The catch is you need to put in the comment to seller: "Your blog sent me." and wait for a revised PayPal invoice. This is for new orders only - from 8 AM until midnight tonight.

I should have a few more things to add tonight, provided I can get photos taken and uploaded this evening. Hint: Halloween is coming.

You can find my shop here: marcinyc.etsy.com or just click through via the sidebar.

01 October 2007

Birthday Contest

Those who know me in 'real life' know that I turn the dreaded 4-0 this year. I'm not all that worked up over turning forty, except when my husband pushes the wrong buttons. It's just a number - and most days I act more like fourteen than forty.

Mom and I spoke on the phone last night about what I wanted for my birthday. I had a hard time coming up with any ideas - I really have everything I need or want - but then Mom proposed a weekend getaway. I warmed up to that idea and we've decided that we'll jump on plane or in the car and head out somewhere for a long weekend in 2008. (I don't have any vacation time left for this year, that's why it'll be delayed.)

So, what's the contest?

Suggest a place for Mom and I to spend a long weekend together - everyone who leaves a comment/suggestion will be entered in a drawing for a free pair of earrings created by yours truly.

On my birthday (that's the 12th), I'll toss everyone's name in a hat and let one of the dogs or cats paw out a winner.

Some ideas that have been batted around already include:
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Savannah, Georgia
  • Portland, Maine
  • Charleston, S. Carolina

Anything goes! Just need to make sure there's enough to do there to keep us busy for 2-3 days but also have enough down time so we can knit/stitch/read. As she's coming from Ohio and me from Jersey, pretty much anything east of the Mississippi will work. I'd love a San Fransciso getaway, but I'd spend half my time in the air for such a short trip.

So, leave your comments and suggestions for a weekend getaway for Mom and me and on my birthday, I'll pick a winner.