30 September 2007

Greetings from Asbury Park

We spent last night in Asbury Park, dining first, followed by drinks and music at the Wonder Bar, which sadly is closing its doors today.

A great time was had by us, our friends, and other strangers. I truly enjoy John Eddie's music ever since I 'discovered' him when he opened for Southside Johnny last New Year's Eve.

Just a few shots from the evening...

Convention Hall - Asbury Park

Wonder Bar - Asbury Park

John Eddie - Wonder Bar 9/29/07

I'm a bit tired this morning considering we rolled in the door about 2:15 AM this morning - yet managed to take the dogs for a quick walk. After 5 hours of sleep I was up again. I think I'm going back to bed for a couple hours - at least until it's time for football.

More pics available to friends/family in my Flickr album.

For those wondering - no Bruce last night.

28 September 2007

Are You Ready?

I'm sure all my friends know about my love affair with etsy. If not, you must have been under a rock for the past few months. *g*

I've been busy browsing and looking for some Christmas/Hanukkah gifts already - it's never too early to get your shopping done! (Hoping I don't get the insane idea to go out on Black Friday again this year.)

Here's a few things that I've discovered recently and loved...

Bumble Bee cat by Annya - this print just made me laugh. I like black cats and bees; this combines them both.

She's got lots of other black cat prints in her shop as well. I like the cat and flying pig print as well as several others.

Next up is this fantastic ribbon belt - in pink, my favourite colour - from a fellow EtsyNJ street team member, purplelicious.

Be sure to check out her shop for more fabulous accessories. I so wish that I had longer hair so that I could purchase several of her headbands. I guess I'll just have to grow it out.

Also representing the NJ street team, is Making the Best of It and her fabulous painted glassware. I particularly love this set of goblets. Magnolias - simply wonderful!

She's also got another shop for her stunning chain maille jewelry. I love maille, but really don't have the patience to make it myself. (That and it kills my hands!)

Lastly from the altered art queen, keeshagirl4 (aka lemoncholy's) is this vintage altered train case.

I was eyeing this at the Ocean Grove Craft Show over Labor Day weekend, but I didn't get it. Had I been sans spouse, it would have ended up in my trunk until I had a chance to sneak it into the house.

So, there's a sampling of some of the stuff I've found and like -- go ahead and take a look and see if you find anything to your liking. And remember, I'm there too. And if you want to support Jersey Artist/Crafters, be sure to search for "EtsyNJ" tags.

22 September 2007

More Etsy Booty

Originally uploaded by Marci

Ahoy mateys!

May I introduce you to NotYerAverage Pirate Lobstaaarrr, another etsy purchase. This crustacean of the high seas joins the the rest of my etsy menagerie which is growing larger every day.

If you're looking for the perfect lobster, check out soujournquilts - she's got tons of them along with other charming quilted delights.

And while you're at it- check out my etsy shop as well. I'm gearing up for the holidays, so more will be coming shortly.

17 September 2007

Bob's Story

Originally uploaded by Marci

This is Bob.

Bob came to me from a nice lady (even if she does spell her name wrong) via etsy earlier this year. Bob had his story told on her blog but I thought it was time to tell, as Paul Harvey says, the rest of the story.

Bob's a pretty contented piggy here in my house. He shares his space with Listy, the pirate sweater kitty, Hydrangea the gullible sister and Otis the cat.

Like me, he enjoys foreign food. I had a handful of coins from my overseas trips and decided that Bob was gonna be a gourmet. Thankfully, he didn't argue. Bob's stuffed to the snout with Czech crowns, Hungarian florints, Spanish pesetas, French francs, German deutschmarks, and English pounds now. He's delighted that I decided to feed him, no more whining about an empty belly.

All these critters came from various sellers on etsy - check it out. You can find all sorts of wonderful handmade items there. It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas or Hanukkah pressies.