28 December 2007

Why I ♥ etsy

Or rather, my fellow etsians.

I'm proud to be part of the handcrafted movement and have made friends both online and in real life since joining etsy way back when. (Heck, I'm not sure when it was, but it seems like I've always been a part of it.) I love the feeling of cameraderie amongst us and love reading other etsians' blogs when I have the free time. I have been introduced to so many other talented artists/crafters through these blogs.

One of my fellow etsyNJ street team members, Kecia of Lemoncholy's recently blogged about her Christmas present from her husband; a custom painting by artist Lindsay Brackeen, who happens to sell on - yea, you know it! - etsy. Of course, I loved Kecia's gift and I had to check out Lindsay's etsy shop.

Oh. My. God.

I LOVE this woman's work. It's folky, it's whimsical, it's so, so... well, so me.

I ended up purchasing two prints for myself this morning. If I had seen the original painting for this one, I might have snapped it up right then and there. But I'm satisfied with the prints for now. I'm really anxious to get them and to figure out where in the house I am going to hang them. (Family room? But which wall?)

Oh - the other print? It's this one.

Kecia, thanks for introducing me to Lindsay and her art. One day I will get an original painting from her.

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kecia said...

your welcome! isn't she just wonderful? i am soooooooo thrilled with my original painting,especially with me kitty in it! it really is special. fyi, i had been talking about having this done for awhile - so i think my husband got the hint! they just need some prodding! glad you picked up a few prints and thanks for telling her that i sent you her way!