30 December 2007

Dog or Cat?

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We tease Suki that she's 'not a real dog' and that she's just another one of the cats. She's smaller than Stanley, but just.

Today we came home to find her curled up, asleep in our soft-sided laundry basket/bag. She was out like a light. It took quite a bit of noise and nudging to get her to wake up (photo here).

She's been back in the laundry basket a few more times since. I'm trying hard to hold off on doing that particular load of laundry so I don't disturb her sleeping spot.

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Valerie said...

OMG, that is so adorable! I think it's funny that you didn't do that load of laundry because you didn't want to disturb Suki's nest. ;) You haven't been listening in at our house have you? That sounds so familiar...