08 December 2007

Suki and Santa

Suki - Xmas 2007
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Of course, can't leave out la petite Cujo. Suki was not as well behaved as Henry. She tried to bite Santa's helper, so I had to pick her up and set her on the bench. I'm not sure what she's thinking - but she's got her eyes fixed on me.

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Mandy said...

I love that you take your dogs to see Santa. Our two monsters aren't well behaved enough to take them out in public. Sounds like Suki was a handful today though.

Hope you don't mind I linked your blog. And sorry about the relationship. I have a really good (at least I thought she was) friend that I met a couple of years ago online. All of the sudden no one can get ahold of her. Just bothers me. But what can you do?

Merry Christmas to you too! Are you headed to Ohio for the holidays? We're actually driving to Michigan. Two monster dogs and a toddler in the car for 1700 miles. I think I might be nuts.