27 November 2007

With Her Needle

Friends Gather
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Besides making jewelry, another crafty past time of mine is needlework. In particular, cross-stitch. Although it's been some time (>1 year) since I put needle to thread and sat down and stitched, I haven't lost the passion for it.

While I was home in Ohio over the Thanksgiving holiday, Mom and visited her local needlework shop. While there were tons of things that caught my eye, it was this kit (Friends Gather by The Trilogy) that caught my eye.

I started it while watching the football (not soccer) game on Saturday evening and continued working on it Sunday morning and evening, and finished Monday morning. Actually, I must give credit to my Mom for finishing it on Monday. I'm 'knot-challenged' so she put the final touches on it and did the eyes on the black bird for me.

All in all, a fun piece to stitch. I think the birds are rather goofy looking, especially the black one. I brought it home, pressed it, and sooner or later I'll send it back to Mom to take to her (my) framer. It's been 10+ years since I've been on the east coast and I still haven't found a framer I like as much as Ken in Northern Kentucky.

If anyone wants the chart and the leftover threads, leave a comment or drop me a line. I'll gladly send it along to someone who would like it.

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The Cartoonist's Wife said...

Charming, but when I saw the small version of the picture I thought, 'Where's the red bird's head?' (In the enlarged version its face is a bit more visible.)

Sweet that you and your mom worked on it together. :-)