24 November 2007

Thirty Days of Thanks - Days 19-24

Yes, I've been neglecting my blog for a few days, but then again, I'm not home. So, to 'catch up' and move forward, here's 5 things I give thanks for this holiday weekend.

Pet Sitters - in particular, our pet sitter/dog walker, Angela. She's been a godsend to us when we've been out of town, caring for the zoo. Our dogs love her -- but then Henry loves anyone, and if you give her food, Suki will love you too. If you're local to me and have a need for a pet sitter, I'll be glad to share her information.

Air Travel - thank you Orville and Wilbur. About 100 years ago, the Wright Brothers successfully flew an airplane near Kitty Hawk, NC. Now, air travel is the norm for bajillions of holiday travelers. It's less than 2 hours in the air from home to an airport near my mom's house - much better than 10+ hours in the car. Although, if I had sufficient vacation time this year, I would consider driving. My husband hates being in a car for any amount of time. I like driving across the county.

Thanksgiving Day Football - after the meal is done, there's nothing better than curling up on the sofa and watching Detroit and Dallas play football. For as long as I can remember, these two teams have played an opponent on Thanksgiving Day. Growing up in Michigan, we natually watched, and cheered, for the hapless Lions. This year, they lost - again. (I honestly don't know how often they win on Thanksgiving Day, but it always seems Detroit loses.) The Dallas game was of interest to us this year as well as they played the NY Jets, the team my husband cheers for. Unfortunately, the Jets who showed up and played hard against the Steelers on Sunday must not have made the trip to Dallas. Still, it was nice to have a vested interest in both games.

Graeter's Ice Cream - no trip home to Cincinnati is complete without a stop at Graeter's for a dish (or cone) of caramel ice cream. We had ice cream at their Fountain Square location yesterday - it was ever bit as good as I remember. Nothing beats this gooey, eggy, nummy concoction. I think it's the best ice cream ever. My husband doesn't agree. Silly man.

Dillard's - it's one of the 'local' department stores in Cincinnati and it was there that I found my TJ Houshmanzadeh jersey. We stopped a few places on Black Friday for me to look for a Bengals jersey - while I found plenty of Ocho Cinco, Carson Palmer, and even Boomer Esiason (!) jerseys, I really wanted TJ. So as I was at Kohl's, considering settling for a Chad Johnson (85) jersey, a woman told me Dillard's had their Bengals gear 40% off (as opposed to 20% at Kohl's). Mom and and I dropped my husband off at the house and went down to the malls - I found what I was looking for, although the prices at Dillard's were significantly higher than those at Kohl's. With the discount, the jersey came out to be $1 more, so I bought it. I figured it was worth the extra dollar to get the jersey I wanted. I also picked out a hat as well. I'm all ready for the game tomorrow.

So, that's it for now and I think I'm caught up...

Oh - just in case I don't get around to posting tomorrow, a sixth thing to be thankful for: Bob Evans. Having to kill 45 minutes before Hobby Lobby opened yesterday, Mom and I stopped for brekkie at Bob's. Mmmm... biscuits and gravy. Yum. Since the nearest Bob's to me is somewhere in PA, I enjoy coming home and having a big bowl of gravy with their delicious biscuits. Yea, it's a chain, but no one makes biscuits and gravy like Bob.


Mandy said...

I had to laugh about your comment on the Lions playing on Thanksgiving. We laughed too that we have always watched the game, but it always seems as though the Lions lose. At least their consistent. LOL.

marci said...

I was dumbfounded when Kitna proclaimed they'd win 10 games this season. Early on, I was beginning to think they might do it.

With five games left - they need to win 4 of those. Not looking too good. But they're still better than my Bengals and my husbands Jets.