07 November 2007

Thirty Days of Thanks: Day 7

Don't laugh - but the thing I am thankful for today is: Wee Wee Pads.

Suki, our Pomeranian, has a slight problem and isn't always able to hold it until I get home to take her out for a walk. The vet has ruled out a UTI, so it's just little bladder/old dog issue.

After weeks of her having accidents on the rug in our foyer (and washing it over and over), I got smart and picked up a box of wee wee pads. She took to them immediately! She'll have the occasional miss, but that's better than her deliberately peeing on the rug.

Much easier to clean up too; no more washing the rug every other day. Which reminds me, I still haven't replaced it.

1 comment:

Felicia said...

Oh dear! Sounds like wee wee pads are certainly something to be thankful for :)