25 November 2007

Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 25

Today, I'm grateful for my Mom, tickets to the Bengals-Titans game, a Bengals WIN, a great game by Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson which along with Kenny Watson and TJ Houshmanzadeh resulted in a fantasy football win -- and has me back in the playoffs in my money league.

It's been a great day. Mom, Mark and I went to the game this afternoon. Although our seats were in the nosebleed section, we had a great view of the field. I was thrilled to see Chad have a breakout game - THREE touchdowns. Mark finally got to hear the Bengal's song that I'm always singing bits and pieces of at home - five times during the game.

A wonderful way to cap off the Thanksgiving weekend here. We're heading home tomorrow. Here's hoping the rain won't delay our flights on either end. Can't wait to get back and see the pups (and cats)!

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