14 November 2007

Thirty Days of Thanks: Day 13

Yesterday was one of those days - crammed full of busyness, but in a good way. I didn't get to blog Day 13 on day 13, so I'll do it this morning and finish up Day 14 later tonight.

What I give thanks for today (yesterday?) is my passport. I've had a passport since I was 15 years old and my first trip was to Spain with my high school Spanish class. I don't remember a heck of a lot about that trip, except there are olive trees everywhere in Spain, but it definitely was the trip that started my itch to travel overseas.

Shortly after we were married, I introduced my husband to the joys of overseas (European) travel. Now, despite the 6+ hour flights, he can't get enough of it. I'm the voice of reason now, even though I desperately want to go back, visit Ireland, see more of Germany, with the dollar tanking, it's just no time to be traveling to Europe. Heck, even the Canadian dollar is worth slightly more than the US dollar, so the Great White North isn't even a bargain. *sigh*

My passport has allowed me to travel places near and far - looking at my current passport, I have entry/exit stamps from the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, and Slovakia to name a few. Just looking at those place names conjures up memories of the respective trip and makes me wish I had the means to hop a plane and head back to Europe.

We still dream - seeing more of Germany is on the agenda as well as a trip to the Emerald Isle. But until it's 'reasonably' affordable for Americans again, I doubt we'll be going back anytime soon.

Photo: Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest

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