10 November 2007

Thirty Days of Thanks: Day 10

Today I give thanks for the proper fit.

About a month ago, I was one of several women who particiated in a bachelorette party/hen night for my friend, Kelly. The evening culminated in a 'lingerie party' thrown by one of my wonderful sorority sisters, Gina. We had a blast ordering lingerie and trying on some of the floor samples. I think a few of my sisters were disappointed I didn't actually order the dominatrix get-up.

Gina also volunteered to measure anyone to see if they were wearing the proper bra size. After several of us went through the motions and confirmed they were indeed wearing a properly fitting bra, it was my turn. Gina measured me, made a new notations on her scratch pad and measured again. She turned me me and announced a size. I shook my head, "Are you sure?" She nodded yes. So, I made a notation of it - two band sizes smaller and two cup sizes larger - even though I was skeptical.

Sunday morning I decided to head out to Kohl's to check if Gina's measurements were on the mark. I sorted through the bras, found a couple in the new size and walked back to the dressing room to try them on. My jaw just about hit the ground when they actually fit - and fit well. Never before in my life had I had a bra that fit so perfectly. I bought two new bras then and there and went back home to tell my husband my boobs had gotten bigger - no surgery necessary.

Since then, I've stocked up on even more bras in the proper size. I'm totally on the "make sure you get measured properly" bandwagon now. The proper size makes all the difference in the world.

As for the dominatrix get-up... I'm still thinking about it. *wink*

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Nic said...

fan of properly fitting bras too - there's a good lingerie shop 5 minutes walk from where I live (next to the LNS...) and when I walked in and asked about bras in "my size", the motherly woman said "oh no dear, you're xxx" (2 sizes smaller on the back, 2 cup sizes bigger too, is there a theme?) - and she was right!

A couple of decent bras later, I was £50 lighter but it looked like I'd lost 8lb! It not only hoisted my ample curves to their proper position, but it improved my posture and confidence :o)