05 November 2007

Handmade for the Holidays

It's probably no surprise to many of my readers that I've decided to step up and take the handmade pledge this year.

While it's easy and I suppose some of my friends/family would like - and perhaps even prefer - gift cards, I think it's so much nicer to give an actual gift that you pick out for someone. With that in mind, no more shoddy mass-produced crapola for gifts from me. This year I'm doing my shopping at a variety of craft fairs and or online at etsy.com (or making it myself).

I've picked out a few things from some of my favourites from my fellow etsians below. Whether they're wishlist items for me or potential gifts for others, I'll leave you to decide.

1 comment:

Nic said...

Well, the cats aren't gifts for me, at any rate! LOL!

I'm trying to make things for people this Christmas, but some of the "obligation" presents I have to get wouldn't be appreciated if I did them myself :o( The good news is that close family do like things I've made, and treasure them :o)