11 October 2007

One Day More...

After tonight, I'll no longer be able to (honestly) call myself 'thirtysomething'.

While I don't have an issue with turning 40, I really don't like being a fortysomething person just yet. I need to ease into it slowly, I figure.

I've had some packages/envelopes arrive already and I'm waiting for the big day to open them and make the milestone celebration last as long as possible.

And don't forget -- tomorrow I'll pick a winner from those who posted suggestions on where to go for a 'girls weekend getaway' with my mom.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Happy last day of thirty-hood, babe!!!

Nic said...

Have a very happy birthday! I've only got 425 days left in my thirties myself. Not that I'm counting, or anything ... ;o)

(and thank heavens for '08 being a leap year, it gives me a little extra time to cling on!)