12 October 2007

Forty and Fabulous

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Yes, today's the day I am officially 'over the hill' according to my husband. Ha ha!

The flowers (and balloon) pictured were from my Mom - they were delivered to me at the office today. Person after person came by and exclaimed "It's Your Birthday!" To which my response was, "It is?" (Yea, I'm a bit sarcastic.) The flowers are absolutely gorgeous - pink, pink and more pink. Good think I *really* like pink.

As for the birthday contest - thank you all for the wonderful suggestions for a mother-daughter getaway.

After much thought, I've chosen Savannah, Georgia as my destination. I thought we'd both fly into Atlanta and meet, rent a car and stop in Macon along the way to Savannah and then visit my sorority's new headquarters in the Atlanta suburbs before we part ways to go home.

I loved everyone else's suggestions and there's a few destinations I'd like to explore with my husband -- once we can afford a getaway again.

Of course, y'all are probably wondering who the lucky winner is...

In true Marci fashion, I couldn't pick just one when two names were pawed out of the hat. So, the lucky ladies who will be getting a pair of earrings from me are Kecia and Francine. Please send me an email with your mailing address and a color preference and I'll create sometihng for both of you! (if you don't have my email address, let me know -- but I think that both of you do.)

Anyhow, my husband should be walking in the door soon. i thikn we're going to head down to the shore for dinner and then possibly a movie. I'm dying to see the new Cate Blanchett movie (Elizabeth: The Golden Age) which opens today, but he's already grumbling about it being one of those historical movies where 'everyone is beautiful', etc. I guess I'll be seeing it myself later this weekend or next week.

Have a great weekend everyone -- and for those of you who have called, emailed, or sent cards via snail mail. THANK YOU! Turning 40 is nowhere near as bad as certain people led me to believe. It's only a number - and 'old' is all in your mind!


Mandy said...

Happy Birthday!

The Cartoonist's Wife said...

And you ARE fabulous! Happy, happy, happy!

ps John and I are going to see E:TGA today, even though it's got lousy ratings. Wish we could together...