27 October 2007

Bluegrass On the Shore

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Last night we went to see Bruce Hornsby and Ricky Skaggs (with Kentucky Thunder) at the Count Basie. Despite the cold and rainy weather, it was a wonderful night!

I'm a huge fan of this Bruce (not to be confused with the local Bruce) and seeing him with Skaggs was an extra special treat. Lots of great bluegrass tunes, compliments of Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, along with many of Hornsby's hits reworked with a bluegrass flair. I totally enjoyed the new arrangement of "The Way it Is" but "Mandolin Rain" left me a bit lukewarm. The beginning of that arrangement was 'meh' but towards the end I was liking it a bit better.

One of the highlights of the night was a bluegrass arrangement of 'Superfreak'. Yes, the Rick James song. I was giggling when I realised what the song was and watching the crowd and the band.

My pics, the few that they are, were taken during the encore. For whatever reason, the crowd thinned out dramatically when they left the stage. So we ran up front, then I snapped a few pics - with Bruce on accordian. Can't remember the tune they closed the show with - some bluegrass tune with "hey! ho!" audience participation.

A great night - a wonderful combination of musicians and their music. My only regret is that it was too short. Only one set plus an encore for about 2 hours of music.

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