17 September 2007

Bob's Story

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This is Bob.

Bob came to me from a nice lady (even if she does spell her name wrong) via etsy earlier this year. Bob had his story told on her blog but I thought it was time to tell, as Paul Harvey says, the rest of the story.

Bob's a pretty contented piggy here in my house. He shares his space with Listy, the pirate sweater kitty, Hydrangea the gullible sister and Otis the cat.

Like me, he enjoys foreign food. I had a handful of coins from my overseas trips and decided that Bob was gonna be a gourmet. Thankfully, he didn't argue. Bob's stuffed to the snout with Czech crowns, Hungarian florints, Spanish pesetas, French francs, German deutschmarks, and English pounds now. He's delighted that I decided to feed him, no more whining about an empty belly.

All these critters came from various sellers on etsy - check it out. You can find all sorts of wonderful handmade items there. It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas or Hanukkah pressies.


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Thanks for letting me know you'd moved. And Bob is too cute, btw!